Mental Tennis Toughness

Mental Tennis Toughness

Mental Tennis – Secrets of Mental Tennis Toughness

Tennis mental toughness


Mental tennis is a major part of every world class tennis player’s repertoire. The secret to developing mental tennis toughness is examining the factors that effect the mind during a competitive match.

Mental tennis is often the difference in winning a tennis match for players of two equals.

While technique, strokes and tennis strategies are an essential part of the game, mental tennis is often the hardest battle inside the human mind. Mental tennis is mostly a battle of our own mind, and players have the choice to condition the mind properly to enhance their technical and physical skills on court when it comes to match play.

Mental Tennis Foundation

In tennis, the players must possess skill, size, strength, agility and speed. All these tennis skills will help the player gain an edge in a tennis match. But if supposing, he is mentally weak, then he may lose against a player who has a stronger mental tennis game. A player, whether on an amateur tennis court, or a professional tennis venue, can develop mental tennis to win games.

It requires the correct mental training to enable our mind’s to respond more favorably to pressure match situations and the host of other inhibitors that inevitably occur during a competitive tennis match. The player that prevails mentally, often has a distinct advantage over his or her opponent even before the real match has begun.

Pete Sampras: An example of ultimate mental tennis toughness with a Calm, Confident and Cool Persona

The human mind is a complex organ that was designed to react to different stimuli. Our own thought patterns are feedback that goes inside the brain, which is said to be the most advanced computer ever made.

The challenge is to master the various factors that effect the mind which prevent players from reaching their full potential on the tennis court.

Developing Mental Tennis Toughness

How many times have we seen players with flawless tennis strokes lose the mental tennis game to another player with less than desirable strokes?

The likely reason was that the player with flawless tennis strokes lost the mental tennis game to their opponent, often with less than perfect stroke production.

Thus the reason for developing mental tennis toughness is a crucial component is becoming a winner on the tennis court. Brilliant tennis technique, strategy and peak tennis fitness are only half of the equation needed to be a successful tennis player. The other part is execution under pressure, and this comes down to mental tennis toughness.
What type of mental tennis competitor do you have to be in order to compete at the highest levels of the game?

What type of mental tennis competitor do you have to be in order to compete at the highest levels of the game?

At the professional level, players like Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Maria Sharapova are seen to have unbreakable mental tennis toughness. In situations where they are down in a match, or having a bad day, they are sometimes able to pull through the match with a win. They have simply learned to turn a losing situation into a positive outcome.

Surely, mental tennis is at work here throughout their matches. If at one second, one of these pro players gave up the battle inside their mind, the match would have been lost the moment their opponent came up ahead in the set.

Adapting to Adversity

Tennis is a game of adversity, every part of the game involves difficult challenges every step of the way. During a competitive tennis match, adversity is an unavoidable condition. The adversity can come from the opponent, the spectators, the weather, and even your mind.

The pros have learned to deal with adversity by developing a stronger mental tennis foundation. In every great endeavor in life, adversity finds it way into the situation. Adversity is a test of a player’s mental tennis toughness, so a player must choose to strengthen their mind to deal with uncomfortable situations.
Stepping out of your comfort zone


Mental tennis training for that matter is a question if whether a player is willing to step out of his or her comfort zone. In every tennis match, the player that dictates the shot selection usually controls the match and ultimately becomes the winner.

A part of stepping out of your comfort zone applies to tennis training, the intensity of your practice and the boundaries that you are willing to surpass in your goals.
Mental Tennis Training

Mental tennis is a second battle within the mind that must be properly trained and conditioned.

It starts with examining the factors of the match and by observing one’s own thought patterns. A basic rule in psychology is our thought patterns and what we see of ourselves tends to become our reality.
So, if players are negative going into a match, they have likely already lost the mental tennis battle even before the initial warm up.

The key is to develop positive thought patterns and eliminate the negativity inside the mind. All of that clutter and chatter that disrupts our momentum and deters our physical body from executing shots correctly during a match.

There are many different tips like the physical, technical, tactical and mental skills. In order to develop mental tennis toughness, players must learn the correct winning mentality, how to control their emotions and how to approach the game with a positive attitude and focus on the task at hand.
Mental Tennis Approach

Usually among mental tennis solutions will be to help the player make small adjustments in his or her approach to the stroke, game, tactical play or anything else, that eventually results in a different outcome. Mental tennis can be applied to technique, tactics, and tennis fitness and of course, the mental part of a player.

The player has to explore the various categories and discover how a calculated mental tennis approach can greatly influence his or her approach towards the stroke, the perception of the situation as well as the mental approach to the game.

Approaching the Game With a Proper Mental Attitude

Success in tennis for players can come from the ability and state of mind they have before a game. The approach to a game can effectively have a great impact on the way professionals play. If they enter a game with a positive attitude they are most likely to do a better job rather than being negative.
A negative mind can cause professionals to become very frustrated, angry and feel like quitting. While players can become very mentally anxious; fans can also become very nervous.

The player who is an outstanding athlete may reach the acme of professional tennis perfection not by shortcuts but by just employing a daily regimen of mental preparation. It will prepare them for a close tennis matches, it will enhance his tennis strokes and it will give him an edge over his superior opponents with his power of mind. Moreover, psychological tips are also found to be an indispensable tool for many players in their rise to fame. Mental tennis tips are therefore seen to be a crucial in a player’s development in tennis.

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